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The public holidays of 2018 in China

2017/11/22 By:hermes
Hello everybody, hope you are doing great. Here is some information about the public holiday of 2018 in China. It's important to know the holidays of China no matter you are living in China or in abroad especially for somebody need to do business with China or need to send things(goods) from and to China, since the customs or the government won't work during the holidays. Here please find The Details
Hope you have a great day!

New Year's Day                        Dec 30 - Jan 1 
Chinese New Year                    Feb 15 - 21
Tomb Sweeping Day                 Apr 5 - 7
Labor Day                                  Apr 29 - May 1
Dragon Boat Festival               Jun 16 - 18
Mid-Autumn Festival               Sep 22 - 24
National Holiday                       Oct 1 - 7

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The public holidays of 2018 in China
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