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New Traffic Rules in Shanghai

2017/03/27 By:hermes

Here we want to share the new traffic rules of Shanghai:

  1. We can apply for the temporary car plate  two times . Each time will be valid for 15 days.

  2. Can't use another driver's licence instead the one who drove to accept the punishment.

  3. Can't change two lanes one time 

  4. Can't use phone to call people or check WeChat

  5. All the passengers in the car have to fasten the safety belt.

  6. The speed limit for urban road is 60 km/hour. The speed limit for Highway is 80 km/hour.

  7. Weekends can drive in the bus lane except for No.71

  8. Break the traffic rules and not fulfill the punishment more than 5 times, the police will detain the Vehicle License.

  9. The child who is younger than 4 years old need to have Child safety seat.

  10. The children under 12 years old can't sit in the front seat( co- driver seat)

  11. When come across the  the non -motor vehicles or pedestrians, have to stop and let them go first.

  12. No honking within the out circle.

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New Traffic Rules in Shanghai
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