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Hermes Relocation in 2017

2017/03/18 By:hermes
In this May, Hermes Relocation will be set up for 4 years from its starting. We kept learning and practicing some of our thinkings,  we get rid off the bad things and left the good ones. We still on the way of innovation and developing. We aim to be a better moving services provider who will use our action to help you and make you feel ease during the move. 

This year till now, we had moved out two 20FT container from Shanghai . One is to Sydney and the other one is to Auckland; one 40 FT container from Shanghai to Los Angeles and 1 shared container from Shanghai to London. We also did a few local and domestic moves.

Many clients used us one time, then they will use us forever. For example , one of my recent client who had used our services once last year, then she used our services twice in last week. At beginning, we suggested her to use the other local company which is cheaper than us, she simply replied, I want to use all of my furniture and personal effects in future, I trust you, not them.  I am happy to hear her words so we arranged the right team to helped her moved. After the move, she was very happy and said after a few month, you need to help us move back.
Since they are redecorating  their apartments, so they hired us to help them move out this time and move back in future.

Now we are starting to book the move of June, July and summer times, since that time will be a peak season for people need to move. We already booked one 20 FT container move from Shanghai to London in June. If you or your friends have the needs, its time to preparing for it now. It will help you feel ease when your move comes. We are looking forward to receiving your inquiries and we are always ready to serve you.

We also created a way helping people sending out their personal effects by air when the goods is less than 1 cubic meters. We have helped our clients sent to UK, US, South Africa countries, Germany, Spain, HongKong, Mexico, Japan, Korea and so on.  If you need help, please feel free to contact us for details.

Any inquiries, please feel free to call us at 86 21 50591173 or send e-mail to or call Annie at 18019371571 (WeChat), or sending e-mail to

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Hermes Relocation in 2017
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