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Hermes Relocation and Charities

2016/03/26 By:hermes

When moving, it is already a big task to sort out what to take and what to leave behind. We at Hermes Relocation are aware of this and always have options to assist you. We carry a warm heart to those in need and pass on what is old, for the new use.

Hermes can assist you to “put away” these items in the following ways:

- After moving, we collect the items when the move is finished or on donator's designated date and deliver them to the partnered charities.

-      - We collect and require pictures ahead of the moving date (only when it regards a larger item, such as table and bed etc) and have these placed for charity auction. When sold, all the money raised will be donated to the charity that are arranged with the auction. When the items are not sold, Hermes Relocation will help in different ways to try as in example help sell these items.

-     - If you have a specific charity in mind, we can deliver these to them.

There are many different charities in Shanghai (China) including Heart2Heart, the BaoBei foundation, the Wheelchair foundation and so on. Hermes Relocation put our best effort to select appropriate organization, as we cannot help them all.

So if you have items you do not use anymore, do not throw away! As they say “For one that is garbage, can be a treasure for the other”!

For more information about charities in Shanghai, Hermes Relocation can answer you at any time.

       We aim to be your relocation consultant, and your moving partner!


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Hermes Relocation and Charities
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