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2016 ,New Hermes Relocation

2016/03/26 By:hermes

Sorry for no update for long time.

Now we are back.


2016, you will see a new Hermes.

1. We changed our logo as following:


2. We pay more attention to the crew's thinking to ensure the quality of our services. We will do training frequently.


3. We have met many of our aboard services partner (They are from Europe,

  America, Australia, Asia, Africa) face to face to know them better and will

   choose the one who will meet our requirements.


4. We improved our material for moving, we bought corner protector,

    cooler box, plastic box (for local move) and so on. You will see in our future moves.


     We will do our best to give you a wonderful moving experience.


We aim to be your relocation consultant, your moving partner!

Any questions related to move please feel free to contact us .

Hermes International Moving Company.

WeChat : HermesRelocation 


Phone : 021-50591173/ 18019371571

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We are always here ready to serve.

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2016 ,New Hermes Relocation
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