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Move from Shanghai to Spain

2015/07/14 By:hermes
This client has a big fridge. We helped her to packed, use the Telon buble to wrap first.
The use the cardborad to protect again.

And we also put it on a pallet to protect it won't be moved when shipping.
For moving to Spain please make sure you have had a workpermit and residence visa of there.
The detailed infomation for moving to Spain please check following:

Required documents for import customs clearance:


Original certificate of residence, issued by the consulate in origin. Might be written the period of time that your client has been residing in the country.

- Original certificate of residence in Spain ("Empadronamiento", when your client arrives into Spain, he/she must be registered as resident).
- Copy of valid passport

- Copy of Spanish ID (DNI) or activated NIE (spanish ID for foreign citizens)

- Valued Packing List.  

- Customs authorization (we'll provide them)

- Declaration of value (we'll provide them)

- Rest of Attached documents, signed and filled out (we'll provide them)



Specific Information


- Household goods are duty free if meeting the following conditions:

- Goods are owned and used by shipper for a minimum of 6 months

- The shipment is imported into Spain within 12 months after shipper`s arrival

- The shipper must have lived abroad for a minimum of 1 year

- If a Spanish Residence permit is not available, a Bank Guarantee between 40% and 60% of the total value declared in the inventory and the presentation of the Work Permit will be required for Customs clearance.

- The Bank Guarantee will be returned when regularization is completed within 6 months upon presentation of the permit.

- Shippers must be registered at the National Tax Office / Revenue Service; if a shipper has not obtained a Residence Permit, the shipper’s employer, company or a person already registered at National Tax Office must represent the shipper at Customs clearance.

- Shipper must obtain Diplomatic Franchise from the Foreign Affairs Ministry, which takes approximately 2-3 weeks.

 Above all for your kind consideration.

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Move from Shanghai to Spain
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