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About the customs clearance of international move

2015/01/19 By:hermes

Just a quick note for moving internationally. For the ones who want to move out of China and move into China, please note never do your move before you had all the documentation prepared.

For the ones who want to move from Shanghai back to their hometown country, this is a easy case, with your Chinese work permit , China residence visa ,your passport and some essential paper work, the movers can help you do the customs clearance both of China and your home country.

However if you are a foreigner, and move from China to another country(not your home country), you not only needs the documentation above, you also need the destination country's work permit and residence visa, some country even need the tax number. If you regardless of this, and sending your personal effects , it definitely will cause customs storage fee and demurrage, and other extra charges and it's also wasting your time. So please do check with your mover about the destination customs clearance info, they have the responsibility to tell you how to prepare your move including all the documentation needed.

Nowadays, if you are move into China, you need to get your Chinese work permit, China residence visa prior, then it will be a smooth transfer for your personal effects. If not, at least you need to have a job which you have officially contracted with in China, and your company(employer) are willing to help you do some paper work in assisting the customs clearance of your personal effects of China if your work permit and residence visa are not ready, we also can help you do the customs clearance of China, and there will be extra cost.

Anyway you need to confirm with your mover prior then start sending your personal effects. The worst situation is you start sending your goods and already arrived the customs office of China, even without your contract of China, no one can help you, the only way is waiting for yours documentation done.

Hope you can understand what I am saying, and these all from the experience of my work, if you have different opinion, please share. Thanks!

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About the customs clearance of international move
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