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A Client used a for the 5 th within a year

2014/11/01 By:hermes
Our cilent Heikal Gani is an clothes designer before but now he is an household furniture designer of The Canvas. He get to know us when we are working on one of our moving site. His friend Mr Chen got a card from our crew one time. After that, they contact us to help move Mr. Heikal's house, this is the first move. We prepared well and kept all of his furniture safely. They were very satisfied about our services that time.  This is just a begining. 

After one month , they asked us to help move the furniture from their storage to their furniture show room( Pudong to Puxi), then the client moved something from Puxi to Pudong storage, then the whole furniture show rooms's move back to strorage, since they need to redecoration and find a new show room, then help the client moved his house again,  Puxi to Puxi. Durinng this period she also recommend us to his friend , she finally used our moving services, and also satisfied with our services. 

All the the client who have used our services said they will help to recommend our services to their freinds. We are so glad to see this , and we will definitely do better and better in furture.

Thank you very much for your attention.
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A Client used a for the 5 th within a year
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