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We sponsored the Shanghai Mamas 8th Annual Party

2014/10/26 By:hermes
The Shanghai Mamas 8 th Annual Party was held on 18, October 2014. The  weather is nice and the people there are friendly. You can hear good music, see nice dancing , eat good food , buy something you need , find all kinds of information and play all kinds of games. It's a great day for families.

This time our role is provide a 2*1.07 m  map to let the members of the organization to mark their family on the map and help the organization to know where are their members comes from and also indicate the topic of the party "it's a small world". This activity is really a great match with our moving  services. Thanks to the idea of the organizer, we can make it.

It's intersting that  many people on the party want to buy the map, they think its really good, and I let them to write to me, but it seems not work.
Anyway please find the website links for buying the map. 
It's made of cloth , you can choose the szie you want and with or without frame.
Hope this can help you! If you need our help, please feel free to contact us.

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We sponsored the Shanghai Mamas 8th Annual Party
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