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Picture hanging services

2014/09/04 By:hermes
We helped our client hanged the pictures after he used our moving service. The client totally got about 30 pictures to hang in his new apartment .
Our Hermes team arrived his apartment to help hanging all the pictures, we brought all the screws and tools needed for the pictures hanging and also help the client to design what will be the best place for the pictures. After 3 hours work, all the pictures were  hanged and the client's house looks  very comfortable and the client was satisfied with our services again. 

Tips for picture hanging.
If you want to hanging the pictures of your new apartment , it's better to clear up the things and make sure every big furniture goes to the right place you preferred, then you can decide where to hang pictures and what kind of topic should the pictures have to match the atmosphere. If you make one room done, others will be done easily since you already have get used to that kind of thinking and the inspiration comes out all the time. After the picture hanging , you will find your house have a new face and you will feel proud of yourselves. It's really a good experience.

Anyone come across have the need of picture hanging please feel free to contact us. We can help you a lot.

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Picture hanging services
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