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Tips for preventing heatstroke in Summer-Hermes Moving

2014/07/14 By:hermes


*   Plenty of sleep. Reasonable arrangement of rest time can assure enough sleep to keep energy and prevent heatstroke.


*   A scientific and reasonable diet. Eat vegetables, fruit, and moderate amounts of animal protein and fat to supplement energy consumption. Avoid go on a diet.


*   Pay attention to sun protection. Outdoor activities to avoid direct sunlight to the head, avoid skin absorbs radiant heat directly, It’s better to wear hat and loose dress when going out.


*   Drink water reasonably. Daily drinking water contain sodium chloride 0.3%-0.5% for 1.5-2L. It is advisable that avoid drinking a lot of water before meal and after the great physiological load of exercise.


*   Hot tea is better than cold drinks


*   The strongest time of solar shortwave radiation is 10am -3 pm, Please try to avoid going out this period of time. If you must go out, it’s better to put on some sunscreen on the skin to protect the skin and wear light color summer clothes.


*   Unfavorable excessive drinking.


*   Diets should not be too thin. Human activity time is long in summer .We sweat more, and energy consuming more. We’d better to eat more lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs and other nutritious food, in order to satisfy the body's metabolism. Just an appropriate amount.


*   The best drinks are plain boiled water, tea, chrysanthemum tea. The best fruits and vegetables are peach, watermelon, pawpaw, pear, grape, bitter gourd ,tomato, mung bean, loofah cucumber eggplant, celery, lettuce, asparagus etc. The best meat is duck meat. The best spicy is vinegar.


*   Nap time should not be too long.


*   Do not wear metal jewelry. Certain metals from metal decorations with sweat when we are wearing may cause reddish or symptoms such as itching, and it’s easy to cause contact dermatitis.


*   When using air conditioner, the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor should not be too large. It is advisable to make the air conditioning indoor and outdoor temperature difference is not more than 5 degrees, even in hot weather, air conditioning indoor temperature is unfavorable to lower below 24 degrees.


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Tips for preventing heatstroke in Summer-Hermes Moving
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