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About move abroad

2014/06/22 By:hermes
Now it is the busy season for moves. I think a lot of people are choosing and using move companies.But what kind of company is the good choice. People should consider how they will service you? Do they respect your personal belongings as respect yourselves? Do they handling carefully when packing and moving,Do they do as your requirement? Do they give you very clear instructions to lead you prepare for the documents needed for the customs clearance of both sides for international moves. We think the quotation you should consider but it should comes to the last.

Nowadays we handled a 20 GP container move from Shanghai China to Russia, the customs regulations are looks complicated and we communicate with the client for more than 1 month and sent about 50 e-mails, finally the client used our service. We given out very clear instruction to her and packed their personal effects with heart.
On June 21, we handled a local move, they move from Yanlord Town to Tao Garden. Although it was a very rainy day, the move doesn't stop. The client was satisfied about our professional work . Both of us are very happy at the end. 

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About move abroad
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