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the activities we took part in recently

2014/06/22 By:hermes
0n  May 17, 2014,  Our company took part in the Second RSF Charity sports meeting.  It's a rainy day, but all the people involved in the sports meeting are really happy. It has running,swimming, and family group activities. If you live in RSF, you can attend next years activity.
On June 7 ,2014,   Our company took part in the Forest Manor's pillow fighting game. It is a joyous weekend of fun frolic and bling! It has beers, drinks and BBQ. Our company this time places a different part. We provided some boxes and DIY material to the ones who like to DIY. They can use our boxes and colour pens to draw what they like and they also can use the box to build up their castle. It's really a good day for family to have fun.

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the activities we took part in recently
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