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2014/05/21 By:hermes

Here I would like to give some info to the ones who are moved to another country. For this situation I advise the ones go to register at the nearest consulate account of their country after they arrive in the foreign country. This may help them to get free import duty for the used household goods and personal effects when they move back to their hometown.


For example, recently we met a customer who is from Russia and worked in Shanghai for a few years, now  plan to move back.  But the high import duty becomes a big problem. Since they didn't register at the consulate account of Russia in Shanghai , they have to pay 4 Euro/Kg duty for the personal effects when move back. If they registered in the consulate account for 12 months, they just need to get the chop  and the letter from the consulate, then they can apply free import duty for their shipment when arrive in Russia.
If you have any other questions related to move please feel free to contact us.

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